GreenLeaf CBD Oil is an effective solution
to a number of your problems!

  • soothes pain (e.g. joint pains) and body inflammation
  • relaxes, calms, alleviates stress, facilitates sleep
  • boosts immunity
  • protects from free radicals, which may cause, e.g. ageing
  • improves concentration and memory
  • strengthens blood vessels
  • regulates hormonal balance, relieves premenstrual syndrome
  • improves complexion, has anti-acne properties
  • lowers cholesterol
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The biggest gift of nature in an oil!

CBD oils have been used for years and are praised by people who suffer from various illnesses. Its beneficial properties are credited to the presence of a compound called Cannabidiol. Each bottle of GreenLeaf CBD Oil contains 5% or 10% of the substance. Until recently it was available only abroad, today you can get your GreenLeaf CBD Oil. On the contrary to THC that is contained in marijuana, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties and it is fully legal!

Hemp oils are also known for their high amount of unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 or omega-6. Omega-3 acids prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, support heart functions and improve looks. Omega-6 acids support the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Why interrupt nature?

We do not want to disturb the natural composition and its properties with unnatural additives. GreenLeaf CBD Oil composition is just a hemp oil and hemp extract. The product is free of any additives and preservatives. Why should we interrupt nature?

We oversee every production step. Our experts supervise the high-quality standards of the ingredients. They make sure that the final product meets your expectations.

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CBD is not marijuana!

The word “hemp” has negative connotations for you? Hemp is used in many industries. You benefit from its goods more often than you think. It’s high time you discover its health benefits without any worries!

Hemp oil has nothing to do with marijuana – it does not cause any psychedelic effects. We use a completely different plant to create the product.

Pain relief
Improved immunity
Less stress
blood vessels
Better memory
and concentration

Why it is worth using GreenLeaf CBD Oil?

Thomas, 35 years old
I am a mediator and I live in the heart of the capital city. It is a very stressful job and gives a hard time, you cannot leave it behind in your free time. At some point, I could not handle the stress. Neuralgia, problems with sleep, constant irritation. My wife finally said: “No more!”, because I became unbearable. This was the moment I’ve started to look for a solution. I have heard about hemp oil and its beneficial properties before. It even helps to relax. That is why I ordered one bottle of GreenLeaf. The results are amazing. Almost all of my problems disappeared immediately. I am more relaxed now and my physical problems are gone. My mood improved, without any concentration loss. I am using this oil every day and to be honest I cannot imagine my life without it now.
Monica, 29 years old
Joint pains are my sad reality. Luckily, hemp oil brought me relief. I function normally and do things that until recently were impossible for me! All thanks to only 3 drops under my tongue. The power of nature is amazing :) What is interesting, my general well-being improved as well. I am less nervous, my problems with skin disappeared, and my mind is much clearer. Big thumbs up for the GreenLeaf shop because they explained all my doubts, also the delivery was very fast and well secured. I highly recommend this shop!
Jacob, 42 years old
For years I thought that hemp = marijuana. Recently my friend has started using it, generally to improve his mood and health. He told me how CBD works, there were so many beneficial properties that I could not believe that one product can really do that. Eventually, after some reading, I have decided to give it a try myself. It has turned out that CBD has nothing to do with THC. What can I say after a month of use? This was the first winter that I did not catch a cold. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe my immunity improved? Also, I frequently had problems with canker sores, which are a result of low immunity. No more! I am a calmer person now and I don’t worry so much about everything. Less stress makes it easier for me to fall asleep. I am very satisfied with the product and I laugh at myself for being so sceptical.

Complete privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. The ordered goods are packed in ordinary boxes that do not reveal their content. The parcel is sent directly to your address.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is CBD oil marijuana? Does it have any psychoactive properties?

CBD oil is completely different from marijuana. The oil does not have any psychoactive properties and is fully legal. It is obtained from a different plant, which contains the minimum amount of THC.

2. What is the bottle capacity?

A bottle contains 10 mg of the CBD oil – which is approximately 400 drops.

3. How much CBD is in 1 drop?

CBD 5%: one drop contains 1.25 mg of CBD, and CBD 10%: 1 drop contains as much as 2.5 mg of CBD.

4. What is the product composition?

Ingredients: hemp seed oil, hemp extract (5%/10% Cannabidiol – CBD), trace cannabinoids: CBDV, CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids).

5. How to use GreenLeaf CBD Oil?

Use 3-4 drops, 3 times a day. Shake before use. Place the drops under the tongue for 2-3 minutes, then swallow. Use within 30 days after opening.

6. How do you deliver products?

We care about your convenience and privacy. The ordered goods will be sent in an ordinary, grey box which does not reveal its content. The parcel will be delivered directly to your address.

7. How long do I have to wait for the delivery?

We process our orders within 1 working day and the parcel is delivered via a reputable courier company.

8. Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, however, this payment method is only available in selected countries.

9. Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we ship our products worldwide.

The biggest gift
of nature in an oil!

  • A natural taste
  • No artificial additives
  • Full CBD spectrum
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